Our Services

Graphic Design

Our thinking hats are always on. This guarantees that our ideas are innovative, interactive, simple and efficient. Our graphic design process involves research and strategy that ensures a solid idea generation process which is integrated onto multiple campaign developments and therefore showcasing our dynamic ability.

Our process-driven approach to developing rich customer experiences helps our clients get into the market faster and more effectively. Our dedication to excellence–reducing complex, meaningful ideas to their visual essence–is accompanied by expert knowledge of colour theory, programming languages and the simplicity of Artisan graphic design and typography influences.

Design & Advertising

Do you prefer that your brand have a personality? A voice, or may be a character…? Or maybe, your brand may need a new logo or a branding statement, or even revamped branding colors. One thing’s for sure; you cannot afford to compromise on brand quality.

The Impressions Team will conceptualize, design and generate copy for your branding advertising process through our standardized strategic roll-out implementation blue-print that has seen the biggest brands rep years’ worth of brand equity translating to commercial and brand success. All this is made possible by our in-house design, production and printing service that enables your branding and advertising process to happen seamlessly and successfully for your business.


Impressions Advertising produces branding on various items that serve to improve your organization’s visuals and consequently ensure that a piece of your brand is integrated into your consumer’s life.

Our expertise varies over a large spectrum that includes vehicle branding, wall and premises branding, t-shirts, umbrellas and even items as miniature as mugs and stationery. The trail of multinational brands delighted in our services is a testament to our expertise and our technological capacity to surpass our clients’ expectations.

In-House Printing

As soon as your idea is conceptualized, we strive to bring it to life and eventually realizing its existence and longevity through print. Our in‐house printing services guarantee that the printing process is a pristine procedure with no room for errors. The development of your printed materials is supported by the right technology that results in a comprehensive, practical and striking output that is display-ready and long-lasting.

Our superior technology equipment provides for screen printing as well as digital and off-set printing. Our quality mark ensures that everything we print is UV protected and therefore has an outdoor 2-year guarantee.

Event Management

Our events are not only held in high regard but also serve as a benchmark for the rest. Our event managing process begins with exquisite conceptualization and pre-planning of the occasion. This always ensures that the event set-up and coordination is a seamless process that will establish success of the occasion.

A post-event analysis and measurement report will also be made available to you. This is only possible because we know that success lies in the little details. Our goal is to make sure your event is highly successful by attracting the right audience as well as being brilliantly effective in encouraging interactivity and eventual success throughout and after your event.

In-House Production & Promotion

Our team consists of experienced individuals whose collective insight and collaboration has resulted in brilliant promotional campaigns and events that are well supported and flawlessly executed with impactful and measurable results for your business.